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Multiswitch zinwell 6x8

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Conecte 2 satelite hasta a 8 receptores sin necesidad de eliminador de corriente

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  • Use this device to hook up Eight receivers to a 3 satellite dishes (with 6 coax connections)

  • Use with DIRECTV AT9 or AU9 Ka/Ku satellite dishes for MPEG-4 compression HD compatible receivers.

  • The Zinwell WB68 is a DirecTV approved, 6X8 multi-switch, designed to expand the new AT9 Ka/Ku Satellite Dish

  • Supporting up to 8 independently operated receivers.

  • The WB68 supports all DirecTV Receivers, but is specially designed to work with the newest MPEG4-capable DirecTV HD Receivers such as the model H20.

  • The WB68 supports up to two additional inputs using "Flexports" from satellites at locations such as 95° W and 72.5° W.

  • The WB68 replaces a SAM-6802 (discontinued) narrowband 6X8 multi-switch. The SAM-6802 is being phased out.

  • The WB68 Multi-Switch is NOT cascadable.


HDTV Ready

Ideal solution for DIRECTV, TiVo and FTA Satellite TV receivers

All Multi-Switches described on this page accept inputs from 13/17V and 14/18V switching systems, and are compatible with all the mini-dish systems on the market today.

How does it work?
When your satellite dish receiver is on, it normally sends one of two DC voltages up the coax to the dish antenna. This DC voltage normally tells the LNB (the receiver electronics in the dish) which of two bands of signal bands to receive. With a Multi-switch installed and connected to a dual LNB (one for each of the two signal bands), the Multi-switch see the "request" from a satellite dish receiver, it then switches through one of the signals. Your receiver does not react any differently when connected to a Multi-switch and the picture quality or signal strength is not degraded


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Multiswitch zinwell 6x8

Multiswitch zinwell 6x8

Conecte 2 satelite hasta a 8 receptores sin necesidad de eliminador de corriente

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